Lina graduated in 2011 with an MFA in Film, with a minor in Production and Screenwriting at the School of Arts, Columbia University, New York, NY. As a lover of film from a very young age, Lina has worked within many different roles throughout her film career.



The Trees don’t talk anymore

As as a Line Producer, Producer, Editor and Executive Producer, Lina had the opportunity to collaborate in a multimedia project, The Manu Project, which led to a short film titled The Trees don’t Talk Anymore. Lina also acted as the marketing coordinator for the film, in charge of creating the film’s premiering event, which was part of a film festival attended by 250+ people at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, WY. The film festival, Through our Lens, was focused on premiering films solely focused on the human experience, and directed or produced by a man and a woman, working together equally.


Freelance film work

As an Assistant Production Coordinator, Lina worked for a Puerto Rican film production company, Ocarina Films, led by Owner and Production Manager, Ellen Gordon. During her employment, Lina worked in two episodes, filmed in Puerto Rico, of the six-year television series, White Collar.

As an Assistant Director, Lina worked in different television commercials for Walgreens.