Born in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Lina was raised in a bilingual upbringing, surrounded by the nature and beauty of Puerto Rico. In addition to all of her local explorations and adventures she has been able to experience while being at home, Lina has gone beyond her horizons and explored numerous places around the world. Through this exposure and its opportunities, Lina developed an undying thirst for further exploration and discovery of new cultures and stories. She realized many stories needed to be told, and gradually grew an unyielding desire to want to live all of her stories with her camera around the world. Her passion for knowledge, conservation and new explorations propels her to be resilient to any and all obstacles she may encounter during her journey; like enduring freezing temperatures, trekking uncharted territories or completely “living the story;” living in mud huts in Africa or hiking primary Amazonian regions for hours.

As a photographer, Lina is looking to seize the moment by memorializing cultures and nature’s beauty. Continuing her journey, now as a trilingual photojournalist, she completed her BFA with a degree in Visual Communications & Graphic Design. Determined to reach her goal, Lina completed a master’s degree in Film with a concentration in Production and Screenwriting at Columbia University School of Arts, in New York, NY.


She currently lives in Jackson, Wyoming, actively and independently teaching photography, volunteering every two years for the internationally known Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, working at a non-profit organization and leading summer student photography expeditions for National Geographic since 2011. She has been published in Shutterbug Magazine 2005, BBC Wildlife Magazine 2013, The Outdoor Journal 2016, Matador Network, Exposure 2012/2015 Art Book and received several front page publications for JH News & Guide. In the last year, Lina has also had her third exhibition in Jackson and Exposure gallery selections exhibited in L’ouvre, Paris.

Between 2014 and 2017, Lina acted as the Program Manager and Program Director for The Manú Project – a multimedia project featuring the hidden stories of Peruvian Amazonian natives, struggling to save their culture as Manu National Park restrictions pressure them to abandon everything. Between 2014 and 2017, the project completed a preliminary scout, a first 30-day expedition and a short documentary film, The Trees Don’t Talk Anymore.

Today, Lina is focusing on a photojournalism project to bring light to the surviving stories from her fellow Puerto Ricans who recently “migrated” to one of the least populated US states, Wyoming. Lina is currently also creating her first multisensory exhibit at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, WY titled Somos de Aquí: The Enduring Wildlife of Puerto Rico. The exhibit will be exhibited between May 3, 2019 and August 27, 2019 focusing on four endangered species and two nationally protected areas, alongside several conservation heroes who are fighting to protect these species against a declining economy.